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Thought from Fr. Colm - 12th March

Well done to our schools for welcoming back all students this week. This is a bigger challenge than many appreciate. Our prayers and best wishes are especially with teachers who may have come down with Covid. And whilst on schools, hearty congratulations to St. Leonard’s 6th form YouTube video for Cafod. Well done all. So, how will we be as a church, parish, faith community, after lockdown? Nobody knows except the Lord himself. However, we can try and share the uncertainty next Tuesday when we, as parish, engage with these questions through the challenge that Professor Tom O’Loughlin will pose – and we will also attempt some possible answers. My thanks again to Katie and team of parish volunteers for getting the parish packs out. Can I ask you to keep an eye to someone you know who may have slipped under the radar and is not receiving a pack. Thanks.


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