Thought from Fr. Colm - 15th May

Many thanks to all who left games, quizzes etc at St. Josephs. The response has been amazing.

We continue with uncertainty regarding church openings. This is perfectly understandable. Safety is an absolute essential. Support within the community continues with a state of high alert in our parish for the most vulnerable. Thanks to all who are running with this. We continue to provide the parish packs, which are proving a great gift to so many. Thanks to Katie and team.

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The priests of the diocese are away on their annual retreat next week. This year it is being led by the Jesuits, who have recently arrived and are now residing at St. Dominic’s in Newcastle. Please p

Please keep an eye to the concert at St. Godric’s next week. The proceeds of the collection will go to Ukraine. It was great to be back in the real world for our recent Parish Council meeting. Sadly,