Thought from Fr. Colm - 17th July

As you will see from this week’s bulletin, a very important appointment has been made to our Federated schools of St. Thomas More and St Joseph’s. And I wish to add my voice to welcome Barbara Reilly-O’Donnell as the new Interim Head Teacher for the next academic year. The note of welcome speaks for itself, but on a personal level, can I thank Barbara for taking on this role. She has been a tremendously supportive presence in our parish over the years. These are challenging times for all of us in the Parish of the Durham Martyrs , and not only for our schools. We begin the careful reopening of our churches over the next two weeks. Covid-19 will affect many changes in society. We hope on a positive level too. As church, we will also find a changed landscape. Again, let’s hope this will be positive. I’d like to thank the Buildings and Health and Safety group in our parish, and the Parish Council, for the tireless efforts they are putting into facilitating a safe environment for us to return, firstly to prayer, then to Mass. No stone has gone unturned in an effort to ensure a safe environment for you to worship in. Yes, the webcam has been a success, but I’m sure we all agree that there is no substitute for the real life coming together as a community. Can I ask that those of you who have any health issues to please wait. Do not put either yourselves, or others, at risk. I can’t emphasise this enough. Thanks.

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