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Thought from Fr. Colm 18/03/22

Greeting from the isolating unit. Daily and hourly updates from Ukraine does not lift the spirits. However, daily dispatches do give a sense of being more present to the horrors of this conflict. Thanks again for your kindness and generosity in last weekend’s retiring collection. Being able to depend on you as members of the parish to ensure that everything goes according to plan is important. Thanks again. Thanks also to those priests who continue to ensure that the Mass continues to be the centre of our community gathering and worship. Bro. Paul, Frs. Andrew and Mark have been a great support. Whilst we live in the middle of these two tragedies of Covid and Ukraine, let’s not forget the perfect storm of the increasing standards of living costs that are about to hit us. The Support Fund is monitoring. Parishioners are very active in accelerating the support for Ukraine at parish and diocesan levels. The fruits of their efforts will be presented as soon as possible. Let’s pray for their success. There is real urgency here. You can also help by spiritually connecting with the homeless, the injured and the deceased in Ukraine by joining us at St. Godric’s on Sunday afternoons for prayer and reflection. Brother Paul led last Sunday. Sadly, we lost Mary Hughes and Nellie Stoker this week. Both made huge contributions to the parish over the years. Nellie’s dulcet tones rang through the church every Sunday morning, whilst Mary’s quiet prayer life was deeply devotional, but equally passionate and powerful. Both women had great gifts which were vital to the parish over many years


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