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St Godric's War Memorial

The War Memorial in the churchyard of St Godric’s Church commemorates the dead of the Parish who died in the First World War. It is a Calvary Cross in Portland stone, and carries the inscription:

“This monument was erected by the members of St Godric’s parish to the memory of those brave men from this parish who laid down their lives in defence of their country in the Great War 1914-1918. RIP.” 

It was unveiled on 12th May 1923, and has had at least two major refurbishments in 2002 and 2019. Visitors are welcome to come and visit and the parish sells a postcard of a sketch of the monument  (for £1.00) to raise funds for its upkeep. Email the Parish Office for details of how to contribute to the memorial's upkeep or to purchase a postcard.

Those commemorated are:

Pte    Ainsley, G    RASC
Pte    Barratt, J    DLI
Pte    Clement, A G    R Fus
Stoker    Conlon, J    RN
CQMS    Cunningham, S    DLI
Pte    Curry, J J    N Fus
Pte    Dowd, P    Yorks Regt
L/Cpl    Fairley, P    DLI
Sgt    Finan, M    N Fus
Pte    Foley, E    N Fus
Pte    Gaffney, P    N Fus
Pte    Gilroy, H    N Fus
Pte    Hanley, M    Y - L
Pte    Hanley, Matt.    N Fus
Pte    Hockney, J    Man Regt
Pte    Hockney, W    KORL Regt
Trooper    Kelly, J    D GDS
Pte    Kerwin, A    Yorks -Lan
Trooper    Kinsley, J F    RI Lan
Pte    Kirk, H    DLI
Pte    Loftus, T    DLI
Cpl    Madden, J R    RFA
Pte    Mccann, T    DLI
Pte    McDermott, E    DLI
Sgt    McNamara, A    Y - R
Pte    Melia, J    DLI
Sgt    Melia, Jos.    DLI
Pte    Moran, J E    N Fus
Pte    Morgan, J    DLI
L/Cpl    Norwood, M    N Fus
Sgt    Robey, T    N Fus
Sgt    Rowan, J J    N Fus
Lt    Ruxton, W    RFA
Pte    Sheffield, W    RASA
Gnr    Smith, T    RFA
2/Lt    Tumulty, A    RD Fus
Abl    Warrant, E    RN
Pte    Welsh, J    Yorks Regt
Pte    Wilson, A    DLI
Pte    Wilson, R    DLI

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