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A note from the Bereavement Support Group

Traditionally, we have held our Memorial Sunday Mass on the Feast of Christ the King, alternately at St. Godric’s and St Joseph’s. This is where we come together as a parish, with the invited families who have been bereaved from November to November in the preceding year. The families are invited to come and light a candle in remembrance of their loved ones and we provide seasonal refreshments after Mass with the opportunity for a chat.

Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, this cannot take place this year. We have therefore sent each family a prayer pack which we hope will give them some comfort. We will light the large parish candles on behalf of all the deceased of the parish, and from Tuesday, 24th November, these will be lit at every private prayer service and hopefully, after lockdown, at every Mass until Christmas.

We ask that you please keep the following deceased parishioners and their families in your prayers.

Peter Barry

John Carroll

Dennis Cummings

Dennis Dunlop

Joe Fewster

Susan Gleason

Doreen Haggerty

Phyllis Hanley

Pat Hodgson

Vince McPartlin

Cara Armstrong McKay

Anne-Marie Melvin

Sharon Minns

Bede Murray

Harry Troughear

Ray Elliot

Joan Humble

Yvonne Jenkins

James Jennings

Olga Oliver

Terrie Riddle

Stanley Young

Melinda Adey

Agnes Henderson

Catherine Bell

Jenny Clough

Dennis Hawley

Mary Bates

Theresa Burnside

David Miller

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