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Lilies in the field

Here is a meditative story and reflection for children.

Lilies in the field

God has given us so much, yet we spend most of our time worrying about what we don’t have. Perhaps if we take the time to look around at what we do have and give thanks to God, we will realize that God is already caring for our needs. Worrying just keeps us from appreciating what we already have. And what we already have is more than we need. Spend some time thinking about what we have around us, look out of the window, what do you see?

What did you worry about yesterday?

Did worrying change anything?

How did God help you?

God walks beside us every day. God helped Jesus while he was on earth, and he helps us also. Just look at how God helps us meet our needs already.

What gifts has God given us? Let’s go to Jesus and ask him to help us think of the gifts God the Father has given us.

(Ask a grown up or an older brother or sister to read the story to you if you can or you can reflect on it by yourself.)

Now… Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and relax.

You are standing in a green field. It is a warm spring day. Look around you, and see the beauty of this place… Notice that the sky is blue. There is just one fluffy, white cloud floating by… Feel the warm sun on your head… Begin to walk through the field. The weeds that brush against your legs tickle, don’t they? And look at all the flowers everywhere-yellow, pink, white and blue, so many beautiful colours…

Listen to the bees buzzing around the flowers. Even the butterflies are attracted to the flowers… You are enjoying all of God’s gifts that surround you. Isn’t God wonderful to create such beauty for us to enjoy?

Listen to the birds singing and calling out to each other. They are resting on the branches of the trees just ahead… Walk over to the trees. A group of men are sitting in the cool shade of a large tree… As you walk closer, you recognize that it is Jesus sitting by the large tree with his disciples. Jesus sees you and calls you by your name. He motions for you to join the group… Isn’t it great to be hear? Jesus smiles at you. He pats the ground next to him and invites you to sit down beside him. It feels good to be wanted by Jesus, doesn’t it?... Jesus points to a nearby tree.

“That little bird has been singing and singing for a while now,” Jesus tells you and smiles. He points to the flowers, the butterflies, and two squirrels chasing each other.

“Isn’t nature beautiful? Oh, how loving our Father is.”…

Jesus laughs, turns to you, and says,

“Let us see how many of our Father’s gifts we can name.”

Spend some quiet time with Jesus (Allow a few minutes of silence.)

Jesus invites you to pray with him.

Father, thank you for the soft grass under our feet, the blue sky above our heads, the bird’s song, and the fragrance of the flower.

Thank you for the laughter of friends, the love of our families, and the company of all your creation. You have given us a world of beauty. Help us to appreciate and take care of all your gifts. (pause)


It’s time to leave Jesus. Say goodbye… Give Jesus a big smile and thank him. Feel the love and warmth of his smile back to you. Slowly you begin to walk away… Stop, turn and wave good bye once more. Jesus smiles and waves…Open your eyes and come back to where you are.

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