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Relaxing of Restrictions

The Bishop has advised that we can relax more of the restrictions in our churches, and only a few restrictions remain: -

Hand sanitiser – to continue to be used on entry and exit

- Masks – can be worn if wished, and should be worn when singing

- Ventilation of buildings – to continue during services

The restrictions on space have been removed so the capacity of our churches can be as they were pre-pandemic. We can also kneel forward if we wish, but please be mindful of people around you who may be anxious.

We can use our meeting rooms again – please make bookings for these by contacting Marjorie and she will hold the central record. We can also use the kitchen facilities for refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits, cakes etc) as long as the food safety guidelines are followed. We are unable to prepare and serve meals for the present time, as additional food safety preparation training is needed and will be arranged soon.


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