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The rock split and a shaft of light shone into the darkness.

Only the angels witnessed the resurrection,

The power of the Spirit transforming Jesus into glory.

Mary Magdalene was the first to know, arriving early to find

The empty tomb, called to a new life when she heard her name

Spoken by the risen Lord, whose very breath was peace.

There was no revenge, now he was risen,

No lessons in power for those men who struck him

And flogged him. That’s what we would do, perhaps…

He simply forgave, and taught his friends the meaning of everything

He had said and done, and told them to wait

Until the Spirit powered them up to go out and tell the world:

Christ is Risen, his light spreads over all the earth.

He has forgiven every one of our sins and shown us the path to God.

Sing alleluia, praise the Lord


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