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Our world is full of continual distraction,

Our attention is demanded by a thousand pop ups, message, photos, videos, alerts,

We no longer hear the sound of silence, where God can be found.

Let us enter into silence today, set aside our anxieties, the to do list, the conversations that run in our head, set aside our ego and its concerns about what to say, how we have to look,

who has offended us, who likes us.

Let go of all of that and just sit in silence, with the loving presence of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, if we could but listen and be attentive to his presence.

Loving God,

help us to set aside, for a few moments,

the targets, the action plans, even better ifs, and just be ourselves,

with you.

When distractions and thoughts rise up, which they will,

help us with one sacred word Ma-ra-na-tha

To come back to your intention, to be with you,

to empty ourselves of the stuff that does not matter.

Help us simply to be still and know that you are God,

help us to be still,

To be.



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