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Thought from Fr. Colm - 8/10/21

This Sunday we will receive a Pastoral Letter from Bishop Robert on The Year of the Eucharist and the invitation from Pope Francis on the Synod of the Laity. Obviously, much ground-work has been done in recent years with Forward Together in Hope. We now move on to a new phase of understanding of both lay involvement and Eucharistic insights. We also hope to have a Mass of Remembrance in the Vicariate for those who died of Covid. There will be more information on this soon. Covid still hovers, are some parishioners are discovering to their cost. A view is growing that it’s a return to normality. However, our schools’ heads will testify that this is not the case. We have much to be grateful for but we need to constantly question the assurances received that all is in control. It is not. We now lag behind other countries in strategies employed to get us through-despite some media stories to the contrary. Please continue to be cautious and responsible. We pray also that the return of students to Durham will be responsibly controlled by those in positions to do just that.

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