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St Godric's Church

To view  more  photos please visit the St Godric's Church Gallery

The Church of Our Lady of Mercy and St. Godric (commonly called St Godric's) was built in 1864, in 1909 it was extended and a tower was added. In 1985 it was badly damaged by fire, but after extensive restoration, it was reopened in 1987. In 2014, the parish celebrated the 150th anniversary of the construction of the church, the founding Church of our parish community. Sunday Mass is celebrated at 9:00am on Sundays and weekday services (Word and Communion or Holy Mass) usually take place at 10:00am, please check the bulletin  for this week’s weekday service times.   

For directions to St Godric's Church please see here 


The War Memorial in the churchyard of St Godric’s Church commemorates the dead of the Parish who died in the First World War.

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