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Farewell and thank you evening

On Wednesday 28th September we had a special Mass in St Joseph's church followed by a shared table in St Joseph's school hall to celebrate 30 years of dedicated service by parishioners Fred and Helen before they moved away from the parish. 

"We celebrated the 30 years of service to our parish by Fred and Helen Haywood. Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a memorable evening. There were numerous speeches and thanks from parishioners. Chris Brennan gave an excellent summary of Fred and Helen’s work with the SVP and other parish outreaches. Both Helen and Fred spoke with gratitude to the parish for the initial welcome they received when arriving from the South not knowing anyone and how important that initial knock on the door by two parishioners to say “welcome” was. A special thank you to Miss Haggart – the Head at St. Joseph’s – for making us so welcome and thanks to the Caretaker, Alan, for being so helpful. Our parish social committee showed what we are capable of when it comes to the big events. Thank you to them for the hard work they put into this marvellous evening."

Fr. Colm 

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