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Palm Sunday reflection

At the beginning

Of his final week on earth, Holy Week,

Jesus entered Jerusalem

Not as a military hero, on a horse,

But on a donkey.

The people expected

A messiah to liberate them

From Roman occupation,

To bring home the scattered tribes,

Restore the temple.

The vision of Jesus

For a new Israel was different,

No distinction between people,

No display of military power,

No patriotic speeches.

The Kingdom of God

Would be universal forgiveness,

Looking at relationships in a new way,

Not as power or payback

But as love.

Jesus is forever

Coming into our world

On a donkey,

On a leaky dinghy,

In the back of a lorry.

We’ve looked for him

Often in the wrong places,

In magnificent building, in powerful people.

Lord, help us to see you

In the humble.


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