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Parish Council AGM

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The AGM of the Durham Martyrs’ Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 5th July at 7.00pm in the Jubilee Room at St. Joseph’s Church. The Council would like to extend an invitation to you to come along to the meeting. It is not just about listening to a list of reports but will be an opportunity to meet and chat with people we may not have seen for many months. It is also an opportunity to meet members of the Council and to chat and offer some positive suggestions as to how the Durham Martyrs moves forward over the next few years. The last two years have been extremely challenging, and it is all too obvious the impact Covid has had on our Parish community. Changes have had to be made by the Parish Council in accordance with Government and Diocesan guidelines, but a gradual return to some degree of normality is occurring. It is time to move forward and plan for the future. Durham Martyrs’ Parish Council Constitution enables the laity and clergy of the parish to share responsibility for the whole of parish life and its relationship with the wider community. This is achieved through communication, co-ordination and involving the parish community in decisions that will nurture a vibrant parish community. Durham Martyrs is a diverse parish and includes a community which has so much to offer through the many talents, skills and experience of individuals. Come along and be part of a dynamic parish and become involved in the future development of our Parish community. Durham Martyrs’ Parish Council


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