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Thought from Fr. Colm - 08/07/22

Our open Parish Council on Wednesday was well attended, and an open discussion followed. Margaret Wallace led the discussion with an overview of the past two years in particular - the challenge presented by Covid, lockdown, the gradual return to normality and the marvellous response of parishioners to those living alone. Numerous questions were posed regarding succession and roles of ministry. All the volunteer groups in the parish were mentioned with a deep appreciation for the great work they are doing. We didn’t avoid some of the tougher questions such as how we may need to adapt to a changing landscape that is church attendance and participation. Overall, we left the meeting with a renewed sense of hope and determination. The meeting concluded with a handover of the Chair from Margaret Wallace to John Thompson. All were unanimous in our gratitude to Margaret for her steerage of stewarding, especially over these unprecedented two years. If you want more details of the meeting, they will be available on the parish website, and also on the notice boards.


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