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Thought from Fr. Colm 25/03/22

St. Joseph’s hosted a day of prayer for priests in our episcopal area. Over a dozen priests gathered for Exposition, Rosary, Gospel reflection, Reconciliation and a shared lunch. The changing face of priesthood in the diocese was evidenced in the multi-national backgrounds of many present. Also obvious was the number of priests who are members of religious orders. This gave a rich variety to the sharing and hopes for the future. The process of Synodality is concluding soon and the feedback indicates a very positive and constructive response. Thank you to all of you in the parish for your contributions to this process. A number of sacramental programmes are gearing up to return. They have been greatly missed and its good that so many of the catechists are also back, and in good health. Keep those precautions going regarding Covid. This variant packs a punch.


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