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Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer drivers should check their insurance to ensure they are covered should an accident occur when undertaking church-related journeys. Many motor insurance policies include such cover, or can be upgraded without cost, but some do not. The Diocese ask volunteer drivers to sign an annual volunteer driver's form to confirm they have suitable motor insurance for church-related activities. Those who signed the form last year will be contacted again shortly and invited to renew their declaration. However, if you are a new volunteer driver or did not sign this form last year, please contact the Parish Secretary who will arrange for a form to be provided.

Alternatively, the form may be downloaded from the parish website, completed and then returned to the parish secretary.

Examples of church activities include:

· those who use cars to take communion to the housebound

· driving to the bank with collection monies,

· being part of a rota to collect members of (for example) a lunch club

· an organised or semi-organised arrangement where parishioners with cars pick up other parishioners to bring them to Mass

If in doubt, you are strongly advised, for your own sake, to contact your insurance company as there can be grey areas.

Volunteer driver's annual declaration (v2 Nov19)
Download DOCX • 40KB

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