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History Hunt 

On Sunday 24th October the parish held a History Hunt around Durham city beginning and ending at St Godric's Church. This was organised by the Parish Ministry Team

"We had a wonderful day Sunday at St.Godric’s Church with intrepid history hunters setting  off  to  explore  the  wonders  of  Durham  city  and  returning  having  completed our  Parish  History  Hunt.  Along  with  the  hunt  itself  we  received  some  wonderful prayers and artwork made in the church and enjoyed the rather fresh air outside for our refreshments. It was lovely to welcome so many families couples and individuals to the day, and we even had a few drop-ins making their way from the train station. Thanks  to  all  who  had  a  hand  in  making  the  day  a  success  and  to  those  who supported us."

- Katie Flood 

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