I Am


I am in the quaking of every leaf,

I am in the song of every bird that sings,

I am in the heartbeat of everyone you love,

I am, I am.

I am in the darkness of a raging storm,

I am in the beauty of a painted sky,

I am in each teardrop every time you cry,

I am, I am.

I am in all that your heart is holding,

All that your mind remembers,

All that your soul desires,

I am, I am.

I am in the moonlight and the summer breeze,

I am in the dreams that you’ve seen come true,

I am in the sunlight that wakes you every morn,

I am, I am.

I am in the aching of a broken heart,

I am in the pain that has set you free,

I am in a friend’s touch, in the one who knows you well,

I am, I am.

I am in the colours of an autumn day,

I am in the voice that begs you to stay,

I am in the child whose name for love is you,

I am, I am.

I am in the look behind forgiving eyes,

I am in the life of every breath you take,

I am in the laughter that teaches you to dance,

I am, I am.

Arranged by Kathy Sherman and John Towner.

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