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Life is what you make it

Life is what you make it…

They say life is what you make it. But are we always trying to escape the reality of what our life consists of?

We are constantly moving from one place to another just hoping for a break to catch our breath. This makes staying mindful nearly impossible. Without being conscious of our actions and thoughts we start to fall. We fall harder and harder each time as we dismiss what challenges stand in front of us.

Although the challenges only continue, we let these obstacles defeat our morale. Our morale is so tightly influenced by our attitude.

When we are negative, negativity surrounds us. Just like a magnet, we attract the energy that we put out. Our world is a reflection of how we view it; the mirror to oneself. We can choose to see ourselves as driven and happy or lazy and miserable. Finding contentment in our past allows us to live in the present moment. What we cannot change we must accept.

To love, you must love yourself. To trust, you must trust yourself. You don’t need all the money in world to have an abundance of wealth. You don’t need all the power to feel important. You don’t need much of anything but an understanding of who you are. This is innate. However, we forget this because our insecurities have us searching for answers we already know from others.

Quit the search outside of yourself. Begin to see what values you have to offer. Begin to believe. When we believe, anything is possible; even the craziest idea to another. Don’t let go of your dreams. Let go of what holds you back from attaining them. Once we do this, the reality of life doesn’t seem so daunting. Instead, passion and love emerge.

Passion and love fill us up. They push ambition and halt fear. Everyone has a choice to open up or remain closed off. When we show what we wish to feel we are closer to finding what we are searching for. You cannot expect anything to manifest in your life without the will to do so. The effort can only come from the body your soul resides in.

What we sometimes forget to realize is how far we have come. The times that seem the hardest and test our strengths are there for a reason. We all struggle. We all succeed. Whether you choose to view each day as a failure or a success is up to you. The smile that wasn’t there before can exist again but only if you put it there. Remember the bigger picture.

Again, life is what you make it. Actions speak louder than words. Take these words and transform.

” Through life's mightiest storms, I am contented, for I hold in my heart God's peace. Lord, as You live eternally at rest in Yourself, so let me live also, contented ever, that I may be worthy of living in Your joy.”

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