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Monday of Holy Week

Monday of Holy Week,

by David Adam

How deep is the love of God for you. His love is often described as ‘steadfast love’ for it never wavers. No matter how often you have ignored him or betrayed him, God still loves you. He seeks to enfold you in his love, to renew you through his love. Come now, do not delay, and rest in the love of God. Know that God wants a living relationship with you. Realise in Christ Jesus how costly love is to God: God sacrifices himself for you; he lays down his life for you. Abiding in this love, let your worries and fears disappear: know that you are his beloved.

O Saviour of the world,

who redeemed us by your cross and precious blood,

save us, and help us we humbly beseech you, O Lord.

Rest in the love of God and let his love surround you. Rejoice in his steadfast love: you do not need anything for God already loves you.

You may like to look at an image of Christ on the cross or a crucifix as you offer your love to him.

On the holy cross I see

Jesus’ hands nailed fast for me.

On the holy cross I see

Jesus’ feet nailed fast for me.

Loving Jesus, let me be

still and quiet close to thee;

learning all thy love for me,

Giving all my love to thee.


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