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The Word of God assures us


There were many other possible worlds

I could have created.

But, don’t you realize this,

that I didn’t want a world without you.

A world without you would have been

incomplete for me.

You are the child of my heart,

the delight of my thoughts,

the apple of my eye.

Of course, I could have made you different;

taller, shorter, born of different parents,

born in a different place and into a different culture,

endowed with a different set of gifts.

But I didn’t want a DIFFERENT you.

It is THIS you that I love.

Just as every grain of sand on the seashore

and every snowflake that falls in wintertime

has its own unique composition and structure,

so are you composed and structured as no other

human being has ever been.

It is this you that I love,

that I have always loved

and will always love.

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