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Your living reflection

God, how I want to be Your living reflection…

Who is God to me?

Is everything I do done for Him and because of Him?

Do I know how to tell Him about my problems and consult when I do not know what to do? Who do I listen to in moments of indecision and life choices?

Do I trust and believe that Jesus, by His Passion and Resurrection, gave me eternal life and that no sin is greater than God’s grace?

Do I believe that in a moment, in the Sacrament of reconciliation, I will be speaking with God?

Do I reverently utter the name of God?

Do I try to deepen my faith?

How is my prayer?

Do I treat prayer as an encounter with God?

Do I try to discover the mystery of faith?

Do I read the Bible?

Is it a source of strength to me in difficult times and an inspiration to life?

Do everything with intent,

And know that every little thing

You do is


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