Journey in Faith

On 17th September 2015 we start a series of weekly meetings called

“Journey in Faith”

There are four main reasons to come to the meetings.

  • You are not a Catholic and are curious about what we believe and why
  • You are a Catholic but would like a ‘refresher course’
  • You would like to support interested non – Catholics as they explore their response to Catholic teaching.
  • You would like to become a Catholic.

It would be a huge mistake to regard the meetings – which last from September to Easter – as a complete survey of Catholic teaching. It is not possible in the time and it is not desirable in that our faith should be a living, growing reality in our lives.

We can never say that we know all we need to know about God, the Church and our Christian lives.

The weekly talks take place at 7:30pm at St. Joseph’s Church and begin with a prayer and then an invited speaker, either a parishioner or someone else with special expertise, will talk about some aspect of Christianity / Catholicism.

Then there will be time for a small group discussion when it is possible to exchange experiences and get to know our companions.

We have a cup of tea and a biscuit before breaking up at about 9pm.

For further information contact Peter Thompson by email at or alternatively contact the parish secretary on (0191) 384 3810.