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My child who art on Earth

My child who art on earth,

worried, lonely, tempted;

I know your name perfectly,

and I pronounce it to hallow it,

because I love you.

No, you are not alone, but lived in by me,

and together we are building the kingdom

which you are going to inherit.

I like you to do my will,

because my will is that you should be happy,

for the Glory of God

is a living human being.

Always count on me

and you will have bread for today;

do not worry,

I only ask that you should get used to

sharing it with your sisters and brothers.

You know that I forgive your trespasses

even before you commit them;

that is why I ask that you should do the same

to those who trespass against you.

So that you should never fall into temptation,

take my hand tightly

and I will deliver you from evil,

my dear child.

Margaret Hebblethwaite


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